Our Projects

Currently, Nagaralu Welfare Society is working on following projects in India with the focus on the districts of Andhra Pradesh State.
Sponsor a Kid
Today, our most immediate effort is to fight poverty by connecting sponsors with children around the Globe. But there are thousands of very poor children who are waiting for someone to give them a helping hand from someone like you. Sponsorship changes children’s lives. As a non-profit humanitarian organization, Nagaralu Welfare Society focuses on easing the burdens placed on impoverished children. Let us work together for the upliftment of these less privileged kids and bring them up as responsible citizens. You can make the difference. Our caring sponsors and donors give poor children from India an opportunity at a better life.
Sponsor Senior Citizen at Old age Home
There are many senior citizen couples in our society stay lonely and desperate whose children abandoned them. They are weak, helpless and counting their days with much worries and fears about future. By realizing this fact Nagaralu Welfare Society has decided to take care of such ones and provide them with all comforts and companionship in the remaining days of their fag end of life. We need sponsors, individuals, corporate and institution who can take care of these Senior Citizens by financial support as a personal service having addressed their pains and needs.
Donate to your School/College
Through Nagaralu Welfare Society Foundation, you can donate to the School/College where you have studied your education. We help you to find out the requirements of the school so that you can help your school to fulfil those requirements either partly or completely. Let us make a difference to the school where we studied and learnt how to live in this world. There are many Government Schools in Andhra Pradesh and India lacking basic facilities. You can add value by contributing to the school. We help you to construct class rooms, libraries and bathrooms, help you to donate stationery, Furniture, Space, Books, Learning/Training Material, Computers, TVs, and Uniforms.
Help your village
Through Nagaralu Welfare Society you can help your village where you born and brought up. We help you to find out the requirements of the Village by talking to authorities and village heads so that you can help your village to fulfil those requirements either partly or completely. Let us make a difference to the villages where you have spent your childhood days. There are many villages in Andhra Pradesh and India lacking minimum facilities. You can make a difference by contributing to the village where you born and grown up. We help you to construct Schools, libraries, Community Halls, cyber cafes, Orphanages, help you to donate farm equipment, help you organize community marriages, medical camps, healthcare camps, and awareness programs and cultural events. Please let us know if you have any specific idea, our volunteers would help you to realize those ideas.
Scholarships to Students from Government Institutions
Nagaralu Welfare Society facilitates the funds to poor students by Scholarships from Government/Private Institutions.
Medical Camps in your village
Since its inception , the Nagaralu Welfare Society has worked to support the underprivileged in society and enrich their lives. Promoted by Nagaralu Welfare Society Santosh Kumar NVS , a Software Engineer working for an MNC, the Foundation began its work in Hyderabad extending its activities to other districts of Andhra Pradesh.


The organization aims at empowering the local communities to work for the rights of children and women who suffer from poverty, illiteracy, disease, injustice..etc